Bulk Delta 8 THC Distillate

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Bulk Delta 8 THC Distillate – A Terpene infused concentrated wax available for wholesale.

Delta 8 Wax is great for cooking, vaping, dabbing, infusing, and more.

You can order 1 gram of shatter up to 1000grams (1kilo). 23 different cannabis terpenes available.

NEW FLAVOR ALERT: Cherry Pie, Sour Tangie, Sunset Sherbert, Watermelon OG, Wedding Cake, Blue Dream and Headband.

1 gram  = 900mg total. This delta 8 concentrate is guaranteed to be of the highest quality available.

NOTE : 500g and 1000gram options only available with “no terpenes”, if you wish to add terpenes please call or email us directly.



 A high quality delta 8 concentrate. 

Our terpene infused delta 8 distillate, also known as delta 8 shatter or delta 8 wax,  is of the highest quality available.  We use the purest cleanest delta-8 THC available, so pure that many other brands in Tennessee use it to manufacture there own products. Concentrated delta 8 is perfect for quick relief and best enjoyed vaped, smoked, or infused! It is best to consume delta 8 wax in the safety of your home. Please use this product with caution.

We only manufacture the clearest & purest D8 on the market.

Delta-8-THC made from industrial hemp plant material :

  • PURITY : Clear distillate is 90%-99% pure.
  • SUGGESTED DOSE : 25mg is a recommended starter dose – please use with caution and take stronger doses as needed.
  • EFFECTS : This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing.  Not intended for use by persons under the age of 21.
  • TERPENES :  16 botanical terpenes are available for infusion. Try with terpenes for additional effects.
  •  DELTA-9-THC : None Detect or below legal limit of .3%

Looking for a local retailer? Check out Hemp House, now with 4 locations.

Want to try a Delta 8 Cart? Check out this Delta 8 Cartridge, a handcrafted Tennessee delta 8 vape made with the same d8 shown.

Want to buy CBD concentrate wholesale? or Delta 8 THC bulk? Both are available with a Wholesale Delta 8 Account. Complete a delta 8 wholesale application to see if you qualify for bulk pricing.

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Banana Mimosa, Cantaloupe Haze, Cherry Pie, Gelato, Grape Ape, Headband, OG Kush, Orange Soda, Purple Punch, Sour Tangie, Strawberry Shortcake, Strawnana, Sunset Sherbert, Trainwreck, Watermelon OG, Wedding Cake, Zkittlez, Blue Dream, Blueberry, Girl Scout Cookies, No Terpenes, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze


100 grams, 1000 grams, 500 grams, 5000 grams, 5000 grams (5kg), 1 gram, 14 grams, 28 grams, 3.5 grams

18 reviews for Bulk Delta 8 THC Distillate

  1. ryan saari


    Fire Distillate and Fire Pricing!

  2. Jason smith

    The best I’ve tried by far

  3. Mac (verified owner)

    Amazing taste and clarity of the shatter. Good consistency and nice lifted vibes 😎

  4. James

    This works, feels great. The 25 mg is perfect.

  5. Billy B (verified owner)

    I am three staring my review only based on the terps i chose:
    Orange Soda….

    Meh. Its ok.
    Overall the D8 is pretty good, still trying it out but thus far not bad. The Orange Soda really is meh so i will be ordering another round here shortly with different terps.

    Customer Service was great, Shipping was fast and I’m satisfied.

    Will be ordering from here more.
    5/5 for Smoky Mountain CBD
    3/5 for Orange Soda terped D8

  6. sierra (verified owner)

    Fast, friendly, and on point.

  7. Kenneth Agrella

    Smoky Mountain is my go to company. Quality / Value / Professional / Variety
    I am disabled and unable to smoke due to copd so I take a teaspoon of honey each night and I am 😊 happy
    It relaxes me and well takes the edge off daily life

  8. Jenny (verified owner)

    5 star for sure with fast shipping!

  9. White Rabbit (verified owner)

    Updating my review with some Blue Dream and Sour D…

    Absolutely amazing. Cannot say more good things.

    If anyone reading the reviews is questioning this product, I would seriously suggest getting a small jar to start and go from there. I got a 28g jar of one and it was meh with the terps but I could see the potential so I ordered two more.

    Absolutely amazing. Going to try more of the terps out and fill my shelf up with this.

    Thanks Smoky Mountain Crew!

  10. Chelsea Howard (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. Some of the best I’ve tried

  11. Brandon Welch (verified owner)

    Very good product I wouldn’t shop anywhere else

  12. Brandon Welch (verified owner)

    Very good shipping and prices .. this is the place to go..

  13. Derek (verified owner)

    Price is the best and effects. Will continue to purchase.

  14. Travis Robinson (verified owner)

    Great tasting distillate, I use it to fill my own carts. I have plans of making edibles and tinctures with it as well.

    Headbandz 5/5
    Zkittles 5/5
    Trainwreck 5/5
    Wedding cakes 4/5
    Sunset Shurbet 5/5
    Orange Soda 3/5
    Banana Mimosa 3/5

  15. Jonathan B (verified owner)

    Very good product. It has a smooth and tasty hit every time. Hard to beat the price too!

  16. Jonathan B (verified owner)

    Best D8 oil I’ve had so far!

  17. Willie Nelson ( no joke ) (verified owner)

    I started a local edibles business, with custom made potency, in my home state and have been booming. I sent in a order and Ryan reached out very quickly, and professionally I might add. I ordered 100 grams of this and I am high as a kite right now no cap. I am also an advent smoker 28 grams a week, and I am beyond impressed. They have a life long customer now and shipping was quick and package extremely well. Even throw in stickers to rep. Mad respect 💯💯💯

  18. David Coe

    David Coe

    only product that works for me – full spectrum elixir

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