99% Pure CBN Isolate Powder


99%+ CBN isolate powder

Wholesale CBN / Bulk CBN

Pure CBN oil

1gram CBN – 1000grams CBN (1 kilo CBN)



99%+ Pure CBN isolate powder is CBN in its purest form and derived from industrial hemp. You can order a gram up to a kilo of CBN (1000grams) through our online store. Mix with dabs, sprinkle atop a bowl, or consume by itself and experience pure CBN. Try with added cannabis terpenes to enhance flavor and effects. Tennessee isolate Powder CBN makes it affordable for high dosage CBN regimens.

Buy CBN Isolate Bulk and save. Wholesale CBN Isolate is available, please submit an application here.

1 kilo 99% Isolate CBN Powder = $4885

100grams CBN Isolate Powder = $600


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10 grams, 100 grams, 1000 grams, 1 gram, 28 grams (28000mg)


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