99% Pure CBN Isolate Powder


Our CBN isolate powder is lab tested and a 99% pure oil available in bulk.

CBN isolate can be used to infuse edibles, topicals and more.

1 gram of pure CBN up to 1 kilogram of CBN available for purchase.


99%+ Pure CBN isolate powder is CBN in its purest form and derived from industrial hemp. CBN has shown potential to aid in sleep, inflammation, and more. You can order a gram all the way up to a kilo of CBN (1000grams) through our online store. Mix with dabs, sprinkle atop a bowl, or consume by itself and experience pure CBN.

Buy CBN Isolate Bulk and save. Wholesale CBN Isolate is available, please submit an application here.

1 kilo 99% Isolate CBN Powder = $4885

100grams CBN Isolate Powder = $600


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10 grams, 100 grams, 1000 grams, 1 gram, 28 grams (28000mg)


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