Our products start out as plants in a field- using our large network of local Tennessee farmers, we are able to source these plants and further refine them, starting the process of turning them into a finished product on a shelf.

1. ExtractionBIOMASS—>CRUDE

Making use of a cryo-ethanol extraction allows us to bypass the plant lipds and waxes and target cannabinoids, like CBD. The end result is a a high quality oil referred to as ‘crude’.

2. DistillationCRUDE—> DISTILLATE

Distillation is used to further separate the compounds that make up the CBD oil. By applying specific heats and pressures we are able to break down the crude further, removing undesirables like terpenes, gums, and solvent, leaving us with our desired cannabinoids.


By suspending the distillate in solution and drastically dropping temperatures well below 0 , we are able to crash the CBD out of the solution, leaving us with a 99.9% pure product!


After the hemp has been processed into an oil, we are ready to move on to the next step – Product Manufacturing! We manufacture, package, and infuse all of our products in-house using only the high quality CBD we process from our local hemp farmers. Whether you need a custom product developed, your own CBD brand, or our flagship Smoky Mountain CBD products – we’re here to help!


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